Thursday, February 24, 2011

Curtis Mayfield - Superfly

One of my most idolized important icons of the 70's is Curtis Mayfield this guy is just "cool" and "smooth" in physical form. My favorite release from him is one of his most recognized in my time, the soundtrack to the movie and also one of his studio albums "Superfly" this is too good as a stand alone-listen too album as well,great soul/funky music to chill too.  socio-political minded lyrics over soulful instrumentals. Lyrics that expresses Gritty realism and what the fuck was down in the ghetto at the time. Curtis Mayfield delivers Tr00 Soul/Funk music everytime. . . the guy continued to make music even when he was badly injured and paralyzed from the neck down. . . .

Keep on Pushin'
 Curtis Mayfield

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

show updates and more.

I've been hella busy the past few weeks that I couldn't find the time to update this blog.....Still very busy on promoting the show we're setting up to the fullest, to make things worst my throat is killing me and I have a pretty bad fever... so anyways I found a "piso" printing shop near where I live and got to print about a 50 pages of small,medium,large flyers and posters that I've been handing out to people at gigs and taping to walls,posts,shops and shit. . . . so far so good, fate don't let me down now hahaha. Its a bummer that I didn't get to make it a free food event like I originally planned(was supposed to cook shit for the attendees)..

You guys can see me handing out shit at the following dates & outside venues(kinda broke ATM so I can't pay the entrance fees :(    )
. . . approach me if you wanna help spread the word or something I have lots . . . .

feb 24 obsidian bar
feb 26 headstock bar

. . . . . . .

If you run a distro/label/in a band that has some merch available I'm encouraging you guys to show up at 3/12/11 @ headstock bar to give out/sell your shit that would be too cool hehehe.. . . . 

these are the links to the flyer models in digital form,social networking site/txting promoting is  not suitable for me he he he..

On a side note Crass(anarcho punk band) is really really fucking good been playing them non-stop for about two weeks now. (SMILEY FACE)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sedition's 1st Demo(US,Texas)

This was the first review I've ever written for something(back in 09 i think) hahahahaha, this is really a shitty non meaningful one the only thing real about it is that Sedition is a really decent demo band. But I figured I'd post this here since Rigor Mortis and Sedition live in the same state. and Bruce and Turner are pretty much best friends in the early days..

Sedition (USA)

Sedition was one of those bands from Texas in the late 80's that had so much potential but sadly it was not to be, they released their first demo under the name Talon but later changed their name to what we now know and love. 

The first thing you notice while listening to this release is the great unclouded raw bass sound supporting every song and the clearness of every instrument while retaining their rawness, something I believe is lost in modern bands nowadays. 

Their first demo as Sedition is their best and my personal favorite, its starts off with a self titled track that's just screaming awesome. Within the first seconds of heeding its call Its effect on the everyday heavy metal enthusiast will make his head bang against the wall until his neck separates from his spine paralyzing him as the songs embodiment materializes and pummels him to the ground only to make the dude beg for more. 

Its not brutal like Demolition Hammer or Dark Angel not even Teutonic like Kreator, its in the vein of unrelenting straightforward punk tinged american thrash at its best Sedition doesn't sound like any other thrash band but they are a little close to Subjugator or Gammacide. 
Sedition (USA) members (Click to see larger picture)

The vocals and riffs are catchy as STD after having sex with a 1$ hooker from the Philippines, The drumming is simplistic and really organic and the lyrical prowess of Turner Scott and his ability to shout like an anarchist madman bent on making the world a dystopic nation for all makes this band even deadlier getting his message across with simplistic lines without sugarcoating it: 

"I don't need you/you don't need me/ but we all hate their society" 

To finish up this hazily written demo review the three remaining tracks are all very well written and executed as if the band were seasoned veterans in all things astonishing in thrash metal. I honestly can't believe such bands remained demo level for so long, Sedition is a group that makes demo hunting for obscure old school bands all worthwhile.

                                                         SEDITION DEMO

click the link above to DL Sedition's first kickass contribution to the large world of thrash metal, courtesy of lockjaw-yappy blogspot. very awesome.

Rigor Mortis Demo(Not to be confused w/ Rigor Mortis that later became Immolation)

I'm falling behind with uploading/promoting local and foreign underground releases which was my main objective, I've got some Karimlan,Storm Troopers,Rush IxDx,Throw,Tinner,Dawn,Prellude,Anihilated,Storming Steels,War All The Time,Psychosis,Half The Battle stuffs to go up once my timing is good and the neighbor's wi-fi is up, still waiting.....(only way to upload fast and 100%).

Anyways for now this b-movie horror/gore inspired classic demo will do.

1. Reanimator (3:40)
2. Slow Death (6:07)
3. Die in Pain (4:07)
4. Foaming at the Mouth (3:56)
5. Condemned to Hell (2:06)
6. Six Feet Under (5:53) 

7. The Troll (4:08)
This is what I've been listening to repeatedly for the past few weeks, this and maybe Motorhead.
I've been hounding at Bruce Corbitt(Vocalist) of this old school classic 80's thrash band to hand over his copy of this demo hahaha, of course I was only joking when sending him messages about it, but in truth I was DEAD serious.

 What we have here is something that will only happen if you have a bunch of young gory b-movie horror fanatics watching movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Re-Animator on a daily basis that have a wild imagination. being high on weed and drunk on beer at the same time and getting their ideas on paper,writing some ripping fast riffs,practicing on their brothers drum set endlessly and just fucking playing for passion while being brutal,stupid and fun(read Brutal not br00htal) at the same time.

In my opinion this is the best release in the whole Rigor Mortis discography albeit a short one,production raw and flawless at the same time. I can't find one thing to bitch about and that's pretty rare for a demo. the vocals of Bruce Corbitt ranges from clean,shouted, to high pitched shrieks and frantic harsh screams that sounds soo eargasmic and something I always aspired and try to do. Mike Scaccia's playing is just fast as hell and impressively tight it really makes the songs with its high speed tremolo picking and face ripping qualities. 7 tracks of just solidly head-bangingly great no-gimmick thrashing metal(other would say R.M. is Death Thrash but well haha, we all have our own opinions.)

I've played this release 21 times(and counting) according to my notepad(which I use to mark how many times I sit through a release one time for each "X") It just can't be compared to any other demo released in 86! fogeddaboudit!

Others would punch me in the face when I say the demo is better than the full length but that's just a testament to my quirkiness...its just a lot of stuff changed when the full length was done and I can't adjust to it cause alot of their shit changed come full length.(production,vocal delivery & phrasing,speed, musical execution, drum approach etc.)

Hahaha, this is a pretty long and senseless fanboy rant........just listen to it! and be pummeled to the ground by the bloody fierce force of Rigor Mortis!

He! Has! Conquered Brain Death! Welcome back to life!

Click the link above for the awesome demo courtesy of the awesomest old school metal blog around Lock Jaw-Yappy (knew I couldn't go thru a post without using the word "awesome") 

I'm even thinking of getting this tattoed somewhere on my arm.......really really down on getting it done.

Demorgan Human Incapacity

So this is my ex-bands first full length pro-pressed effort out on CD. I told them time and time again to give out free demo CD-rs first to build up notoriety but they didn't have none of it hahaha. 8 tracks of Thrash Metal influenced, Melodic Death Metal, I can't really get into it since Its soooo cheesy listening to some of the tracks I helped write lyrically(1 & 2 respectively mostly 2 hahaha) but its really good, production is too polished and pro,it easily beats the quality of most modern metal bands(exclude thrash,dm and BM ones okay? its supposed to sound like that ;) )  local releases as it really sounds professional which is mindfucking considering this was mixed,recorded and mastered at Mig's room. again can't discuss it in depth...

Demorgan is:
Miguel Querubin - Vocals/Rhythm/Bass
Raphael Del Prado - Lead
and an unamed Drum software that doesn't sound synthetic at all! they should name it "Echo"! hahaha you see what I did there? damn..(it was a reference to Echo and The Bunnymen btw)

For fans of
Metallica,Bodom,At The Gates,Blood Tsunami etc.

If you're interested on what it sounds like just buy it from me,raphael or miguel when you see us at the shows they'll start going to shows normally now to promote it!
or drop me a line at the fartbox on the left.

 the damage is 200buxx. They don't accept trades, I don't know why though trading is really really fun! kinda like circle pits.......and liempo........mang tomas..........mmmmmmmmh. but seriously they need to sell some first to reimburse their expenses before trading some of the stuff away.

this is not for you if you despise modern production kinda like how gary holt produced that new Warbringer one. but if not! this is a real local gem.

I'm really not feeling the creative juices flowing writing this article so I'll shut up now hahaha.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hard Hittin Doubles 2/2/2011

Nice, I finally am 100% sure I can attend this gig today what a sick kick-ass line up TTT for the win! I never get tired of watching them, I remember back then when I first got into underground music the only reason I go to hardcore gigs was to watch em'. now every band I hear seems to be killer hahaha. I haven't heard of Bloodshed Remains yet though, I try not to when touring bands visit here. It adds more to the mystic and anticipation and stuff...