Thursday, February 3, 2011

Demorgan Human Incapacity

So this is my ex-bands first full length pro-pressed effort out on CD. I told them time and time again to give out free demo CD-rs first to build up notoriety but they didn't have none of it hahaha. 8 tracks of Thrash Metal influenced, Melodic Death Metal, I can't really get into it since Its soooo cheesy listening to some of the tracks I helped write lyrically(1 & 2 respectively mostly 2 hahaha) but its really good, production is too polished and pro,it easily beats the quality of most modern metal bands(exclude thrash,dm and BM ones okay? its supposed to sound like that ;) )  local releases as it really sounds professional which is mindfucking considering this was mixed,recorded and mastered at Mig's room. again can't discuss it in depth...

Demorgan is:
Miguel Querubin - Vocals/Rhythm/Bass
Raphael Del Prado - Lead
and an unamed Drum software that doesn't sound synthetic at all! they should name it "Echo"! hahaha you see what I did there? damn..(it was a reference to Echo and The Bunnymen btw)

For fans of
Metallica,Bodom,At The Gates,Blood Tsunami etc.

If you're interested on what it sounds like just buy it from me,raphael or miguel when you see us at the shows they'll start going to shows normally now to promote it!
or drop me a line at the fartbox on the left.

 the damage is 200buxx. They don't accept trades, I don't know why though trading is really really fun! kinda like circle pits.......and liempo........mang tomas..........mmmmmmmmh. but seriously they need to sell some first to reimburse their expenses before trading some of the stuff away.

this is not for you if you despise modern production kinda like how gary holt produced that new Warbringer one. but if not! this is a real local gem.

I'm really not feeling the creative juices flowing writing this article so I'll shut up now hahaha.


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