Tuesday, February 22, 2011

show updates and more.

I've been hella busy the past few weeks that I couldn't find the time to update this blog.....Still very busy on promoting the show we're setting up to the fullest, to make things worst my throat is killing me and I have a pretty bad fever... so anyways I found a "piso" printing shop near where I live and got to print about a 50 pages of small,medium,large flyers and posters that I've been handing out to people at gigs and taping to walls,posts,shops and shit. . . . so far so good, fate don't let me down now hahaha. Its a bummer that I didn't get to make it a free food event like I originally planned(was supposed to cook shit for the attendees)..

You guys can see me handing out shit at the following dates & outside venues(kinda broke ATM so I can't pay the entrance fees :(    )
. . . approach me if you wanna help spread the word or something I have lots . . . .

feb 24 obsidian bar
feb 26 headstock bar

. . . . . . .

If you run a distro/label/in a band that has some merch available I'm encouraging you guys to show up at 3/12/11 @ headstock bar to give out/sell your shit that would be too cool hehehe.. . . . 

these are the links to the flyer models in digital form,social networking site/txting promoting is  not suitable for me he he he..

On a side note Crass(anarcho punk band) is really really fucking good been playing them non-stop for about two weeks now. (SMILEY FACE)

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