Monday, January 31, 2011

Bridging Scenes, One show at a time. Metal, Punk and Hardcore gig In one.

An idea of mine that has been plaguing me for about 2 years now( I always dreamed of setting up a show) has finally been put into action. I'm gonna collaborate with Hellmet Productions to deliver you guys a thrashing cool show! the wheels have already been put in motion and very soon we're gonna have a date and venue set in stone!

 The gig is gonna be around march twelve at Headstock Bar. I made a promise to myself to only try to put up shows when I have a cause I believe in,so this time its "Bridging the gaps between extreme music scenes and encouraging attendees and bands to communicate with each other regardless of musical tastes, or just fuck discrimination will do.".

 We all go/play in one small circuit anyway, why not get to know everybody and start rolling in with the good vibes!

I will also cook(or bring) free food for attendees and bands to eat like what our hindu/hare krishna brothers do at some of their shows.

I'm hoping that everyone can stop smoking fucking cancer sticks for the duration of the show though...

Bridging Scenes I (B.S.! hahaha.)

This is a split bill, I got to pick the metal bands and sir Koi picked the punk and hardcore ones + The Anti I fuckin fully agree with his picks all killerrrrrrr bands! tame the tikbalang!!!

This is the official bill, getting one whole bill of quality bands to be down to play on one date is hard as hell!!! still lacking 1 band as I haven't snail mailed Edward of Corrupt Insanity about it yet..

Side Punk

Side HxCx
Off The Chain
The Crimson Cartel
Tame The Tikbalang

Side Metal
Mass Hypnosia
Mass Defect
The Anti
Traces of War

If only I could get Rush IxDx and Execution of Terror on the show too eh? they kick major ass!!!!

 We agreed that 10-12 bands is the max so that the quality of the event and the bands time on stage won't be compromised. ika nga nila hehehe quality not quantity.

So back to what I was talking about! hahaha........

 if you believe in the cause or wanna see a rad diverse set of cool bands, drop by an' lets just relax spread good cheer all around and maybe do some circle pits! hahaha...

P.S. These series of events will never turn into a weekly business venture for me. My actions are driven by passion and my love for music,nothing else. I don't aspire to break even or gain profit for setting up a show but if everybody showed up and had fun, that would be payment enough for me. Thanks for reading this and I hope you have a good day ahead! Thrashcooooooreeeeeeeeeeespeedcrustmetalpunxxx.

last edited 2/5/11

oi oi oi!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Midnight - Complete and Total Fucking Midnight

Jamie Walters A.K.A. Athenar
Filey The Kid
Count Zigar
(20 tracks of perfect speed metal rock and roll crossover)

Midnight-Complete and total fucking midnight                     NWN! PRODUCTIONs.
I fucking recommend this re-release to anybody who likes extreme music of anykind, it’s a masterpiece if there are any. Athenars Midnight plays Filthy and Raw Rock n’Roll fueled, punk injected Speed Metal from hell ala venom y motorhead combination. the drums are d-beat punk sounding, simple rock n roll/speed metal riffs attacks your ear. overall natural dirty sounding production with black metal and glam themes combined the vocals sound like to me, a cross between Lemmy and Cronos(again haha) but others say Jamie mixes a little Quorthon in as well.

 bathing in sleazy perverted thoughts and over-exaggerated anti-christian themes..Very very fun shit to listen to!all killer no filler is the best phrase to sum up the quality of this one Production changes throughout the record since this is a compilation some tracks has a big problem with tone thinness but that won’t get in the way of enjoying the music. This is not for you if you can’t appreciate simplistic music and more than raw production.


Lucifer D. Larynx and the Satanic Grind Dogs of Death

I got in contact with this sic outfit thru a forum, and this guy I talked to(Pat) sent me their band’s early releases,  He also plays for a thrash band called Head on Collision. The band started out as a basement project hailing from St. Louis Missouri making some really cool  grind music that got a following in their local scene and it was also this band(along with repulsion)that made me interested in grind( I wanted to know what the fuck it was about LOL) I absolutely know nothing about grind so I can't really explain what the fuck is it I'm listening too I just find it pleasurable to my ears.

Bio: Lucifer D. Larynx And The Satanic Grind Dogs Of Death started in the mid 90's when all the original grindcore kings were broken up or wimping out. We did it out of our own desire to hear the shit we wanted to hear. There were 2 demos, "More Evil Than Your Fat Naked Mother" (1997) and "Sex, Drugs, Booze, Grind" (1998), a few compilation appearances, as well as the "Wrong Side of the Tracks" 4 way split 7 Inch with Dahmer, The Kill and Needful Things. They  also have had their Sex, Drugs, Booze, Grind! Demo + other tracks re-released  by  Must Play Fast in the past on 7” Pat also told me that they have lots of unreleased material . so just click on the link and find out what LDL & TSGDOD is all about!
 So you fuckin distro’s and indie recs, get in touch if ya like what ya hear and  Support!

Genre: Grindcore
old Carcass, old Napalm Death, E.N.T., Haemorrhage, Regurgitate, Discharge, Filthy Christians, Dead Infection, Exit-13, Brutal Truth, Squash Bowels, Dahmer, Excruciating Terror, S.C.D., Defecation, O.L.D., Repulsion, Agathocles, Wadge, Despise You, Warsore, S.O.B., Sore Throat, Mortician, Terrorizer, A.C., V.J., Porn, Beer, Gore flicks..
contact the band:


Not telling you what to do at all....but if you want you can totally COPY and REPOST this link to the sites you usually visit, be it the hello kitty forum or the catholic community.
Happy mellow vibes to all! and don't bogart your shit eh!? sharing=caring=win! hahahaha..

Metalucifer/Sabbat Bolivian Demonslaught CD Re-Issue


(Gezol,vocalist of Sabbat & Metalucifer)

Genre: Heavy/Speed

This is a very killer CD re-release of an interesting split from rawblackvlt of Sabbat(Jpn)and Metalucifer both having the mighty warrior Gezol as vocalist and edition(300) double cd comes with a unique layout and weird paper first time I’ve seen something like it, I even damaged the inlay due to ignorance fuck..

 Metaluciferian side delivers 12 tracks from different releases + some bonus ones of pure traditional 80s heavy/speed/N.W.O.B.H.M. sounding metal with unique vocals sung in Japanese with occasional kamikaze Engrish that made me laugh at first but after a while you’re singing along to it and head-banging repeatedly, clever strategy even if not intentional ha ha,one of the best heavy metal bands from japan in it for the true pure metal spirit with song titles such as Heavy Metal Hunter, Heavy metal Warriors Heavy metal Samurai and Heavy Metal Drill hahaha.. you can’t go wrong with this one, for fans of angel witch,saxon,early maiden accept etc this is a whole new level beyond “SUPRA” ideal soundtrack to super robot series when the protagonist finally finishes off the enemy,hahaha..

(Bad taste in clothes, haha.)

the Sabbatical side consists of some tracks from their
 post-fetishism stuff with the exception of Mion’s Hill. This isn’t in the same league as the black/thrash Sabbat I prefer as it is more closer to the traditional speed/thrash sound not really a fan although I have a huge amount of respect for their work ethics releasing 4 albums in the span of 4 years and countless live albums,ep’s,splits and additional LP’s that followed soon after..

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Execution Of Terror - Sampler

Fuck I've only seen these guys live 2 times, once when I was FUBAR by drink and brownies at the Flower Grave collective gig(Arah X Kiri farewell party)then again at the D.I.Y. Pinoy hardcore punk forum's anniversary gig where I was too fucked up to even take pictures of them again...tsk tsk.

They play raw d-beat crust as fuck music and would appeal to some of you fucking thrashers viewing this piece of shit blog that worship the metal-punk Toxic Holocaust or War Ripper sound! Their live performance is awesome and I can't wait to see them again...I took some pictures when I went to see them last but I was too baked to even point the camera properly. damn. so much for documenting shit.

(AAARGHHHH Stupid fucking camera shots!!!)
(!!)!!)@#!@#@!#!@#@!#@#! Don't know why I was pointing there!)

nick da dick - vocals
ekwa-rd - guitars
reinald-inho - guitars
banjo-ng - bass
mingming - drums
*tating-ting - bass, guitars
*ep - bass


I made a mistake uploading hahaha...just click on it and DL it track by track...enjoy
*crust crust*

Thanks to sir dweed of noisexnotxmusic blogspot for the eot stuffs.
Thanks to <--check them out for more awesome videos on hardcore/punk bands from the Philippines.

speedcrustmetalpunk! oi oi oi oi .


I've decided to re-start my idea of making a zine, reading some local & foreign ones just made me more eager too,Target date is after summer. Expect interviews with Paganfire,Internment and other underground maniacs both local,foreign,metal and punk....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Colossus. . .And The Rift of The Pan-Dimensional Undergods

Sean Buchanan - Vocals

Andy Lewis - Guitar
Bill Fisher - Guitar
Nicky Nixon - Guitar
Rylan Wilshire - Bass
Doza Mendoza - Drums

Don't let the funny looking guys fool you, they play music like no other in this modern age of ours borrowing power from olden gods of heavy metal Iron Maiden complete with double guitar harmonies and three guitarists other notable influence is NWOBHM legends Angel Witch. I am really glad that Killer Metal Records(germany) had decided to re-issue this gem originally released in the US. 9 fine cuts of guitar driven,story telling,epic heavy metal and 2 instrumentals. lyrical themes range from the humorous "Ghost Fucker", to fantasy(Hoc-Tel,Limit Break) to great nods and tribute to films & books( The Day The Earth Stood Still, Mad Max, Willow, Ben-Hur,Salamandastron)

You really can't go wrong with this band the only problem I see with this one is that their lyrics were never released and if you can not understand the stories it might get in the way of you enjoying the band, when I contacted them about it they told me that Sean(vocalist) keeps it only inside his head when he writes, so they told me if I can write all the lyrics down without making that much mistakes and send it to em I get a free shirt but I did not hear back from them hahaha.

Anyways. go check it out! fuckin awesome throwback.

Infernal Curse - Promo 2010/2011

Since this is just a promo copy that I made them sign when they played Manila and technically not a part of the bands official discography, I'm assuming the most logical way to proceed if you like it is to spread it here....

                                        INFERNAL CURSE PROMO 2010/2011 TOUR.

BOLIVIA 1035 dto:2
C:P: (c 1406 ads), Cap. Fed

drunk punx speedmetalcrustpunx! oi oi oi! argh.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Infernal Curse(Argentina) Live In Manila Gig Review

Got to the venue a little early(6:30) must've been one of the first 20 people there,bought some cd's n zine's they had for sale. drank with komrades outside for what seemed like forever. 

(First bottle +10 to drunkedness)
Alternating from alkoholiks outside to sharing shots with familiar faces indoors.I didn't need to get in line
(this is the first time I've seen a line outside an underground gig! such a mindfuck)
(Edward bassist and vox for Corrupt Insanity)
 to get inside since I was one of the few firsts to get to the venue, The first band to grace the stage with their performance was Valenzuela City based thrashers Corrupt Insanity(already featured in this blog just find it). Opening with their perfect rendition of Slayer's War Ensemble following it up with originals including Human Mania & Deadline(i think) completing their U.S. influenced thrashin' set with Raining Blood.(instrumental) 

Edward(vox/bass) urging the crowd to take the mic and sing. After that I went outside to chug down a few more bottles of beer acquired from random heddbangers and a couple of shots of some weird concoction from Baguio locals I just met that tasted like sweet vinegar that makes you intoxicated...

Raw Primitive two-piece black metal unit Karimlan were to go up next 
(BM horde Karimlan)
so I just waited to hear some shit coming from inside before severing an interesting conversation I had with one of the dudes outside. As usual they delivered a mighty set in the vein of darkthrone-ish stuff invoking strong emotions of hatred with each song made better by being backed up by a much superior sound system than when I last saw them(late last year I think). I spoke to the guys when they finished the set and bought Karimlan CD-rs off em' they offered to let me pay in beer but I refused.

It was my first time to hear Demonic but I have chugged alcohol with some of their members before,they unleashed a good but somewhat unrefined set of supposedly evil death metal, sealing the deal vomiting up an excellent cover of a Nunslaughter song fuckin good job!
(Erwin,Bassist cum Vocalist for the night for demonic)
Mass Hypnosia!!!!! Well we all know how awesome M.H.'s live sets are
(Karl Rosales performing Mass Hypnosis)

they played Stench of Cremation,Warface,,Fascist,Attempt To Assassinate,Traumatic Violence, Denial of Life and other songs that I must've forgotten. T'was so fuckin awesome that I almost forgot to take pictures of em. to me their unique brand of death thrash is aces! that repetitive bass line from Traumatic Violence is sooo damn catchy and cool it was almost worth the entire trip from LPC to Pasig an' back.

(Vro of Paganfire)
After M.H. was Paganfire a band I always look forward to seeing as they only play a few times a year and they were one of the main reasons I went to the event in the first place, as always they did not fail to deliver, it was a shorter set than usual though. They thrashed out fuckin killer whiplash causing tunes to punch faces too such as Terminator,Obscure Syndrome and Durugin at kayo'y Sumpain (...nang Apoy ng Kamunduhan) I think....anyways the only thing I remember of the Pagan set was me singing along to Terminator and being driven to madness by their teutonic influenced, alcohol chugging anthems of hate fueled by passion for their craft! 

                         BANG YOUR HEADS MGA PUTANGINA NIYO! 

after Paganfire I kinda just drank with friends,acquaintances,familiar faces and randoms and did stuff outside I don't want to write about here.

 got back inside and witnessed Stephanie the cute drummer of Infernal Curse pounding at it gracefully and with such finesse.

 and Eric smashing and throwing shit.. they only played three to four something songs, and walked out due to the fucked up sound problem they were having, throwing the mic stand and smashing his borrowed guitar to the ground damaging the finish at the edge.

Infernal Curse's set was not the greatest of experiences but an educational one....Its such a mindfuck that the event did not go well as planned technical difficulties and all but still this beats the shit out of any gig I attended last year(sans M.H. album launch) ANK continues to outdo themselves as each gig pass,there is something about their gatherings that makes it enjoyable,laid back, fun and energetic even for an A.D.D. fuck up like me, the minor setbacks that have occurred did not get in the way of thrash maniacs to enjoy the kick-ass show and bang their heads and chug down beer and liquor to their hearts content!!

to end on a good note, everybody that went must've had a good time sore necks,hangovers,stuff added to their collections and all.. this event is 100% excellent!

I also missed some noteworthy and exceptional bands such as Tenebrion

and the mighty one man band Slaughter Messiah with session musicians that I regret on missing due to being totally wasted and toking outside with some dudes! fuck it there will be another time where our infernal paths will cross again...


On another good note I scoured some thrash and death metal shit and zines from local maniacs and Stephanie of Infernal Curse.

CONTACT INFO'S SOON TO FOLLOW AND WILL BE SEEN AT THE SPACE BELOW, they only gave me their cellphone numbers.


reon kadena is hot!

Drunk PUNKX NOT DEAD! speedmetalcrustpunk lives on..

photo's taken by me & my crappy camera. fuck copyright fuck a goat..


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Assault - Nuclear Deaththrash

Compilation of demotracks released on LP / CD.
1.Soldiers of The Pest02:30
2.Heavy Anti-Christ Assault Battery03:28
3.Hail Black War03:05
4.Brigada Mortero03:18
6.Guerra Atomica03:55
7.Terrorist Aggression03:10
9.Atomic Desolation01:51

Assault delivers exotic tunes from Chile here to shred our ears in primitive death/black thrash at its finest form in this best of/compilation re-release offering from US label Old Cemetery Records. for fans of early Sarcofago,Blasphemy & Morbosidad..

Too bad this band broke up in 2006. R.I.P.

                                                        Assault Nuclear Deathrash

                                                           Metal Archives Page

Rator - Possessed +'90 Evil Symphony Demo

A little history about the band:
Rator is an early black metal band from Malaysia founded in late '87 by 4 black metal enthusiasts. With their evil appearance they played gigs at several small venue's and at rock contests around Kuala Lumpur. Rator was one of the early metal bands in malaysia that used brutal, evil and sadistic theme's in their lyrics and music. This made them different than the rest of Malaysia's "corporate metal/rock bands" at the time.

 Rator released their only demo in 1990 entitled" Evil Symphony" it contained 4 evil & unholy acts, with its raw, unadulterated, intense and wicked sound it created a buzz in the local metal scene & even overseas specifically the BM scene. Sadly Rator disbanded soon after because of some undisclosed problems, they tried to reform several times but it proved to be unsuccessful. Suddenly in 2005 an unholy miracle happened and Rator reformed and entered the studio to record their full masterpiece and their fatal art is reborn. The evil Symphony has returned! Beware!

             - Taken from the first page of the booklet, fixed it a little, broken English may have been a bit hard to understand.

A year an' a half ago I only grabbed this due to the historical relevance and influence this band has had on extreme music in Asia. Since they were the first extreme band to release a demo in their country they're bound to have had some sort of impact however small, Of course I know nothing about Black Metal so don't take my word for it. This full length has 8 studio tracks + the 4 demo ones(and it comes with a free sticker! stickers are kvlt! hahaha). I must say listening to it again now this is pretty fucking good, Rator's style of playing has some resemblance to the first Sarcofago album or maybe the first Bathory LP mixed with Obsessed by Cruelty with lesser thrash influence and a more BM approach to drumming as opposed to Witchhunter's d-beat'ish style.  The vocal's are raspy and in some cases,whispering. lyrics are in broken english but decent enough to understand what the song is about(Antichristian themes,goat sacrifice,suicide & the usual). the guitarists performance is very simplistic which fits the music well. anyways I can't review this properly since even I don't know what I'm talkin bout half the time so go hear for yourself.

                                        Rator - Possessed + '90 Evil Symphony Demo                                       

                                                       Band Contact:
                                                   Muzikbox Production
                                                         P.O. Box 96
                                                   Pejabat Pos Majidee
                                                    81100 Johor Bahru
                                                      Johor Malaysia


get in touch with Rator using the contacts above!