Monday, January 31, 2011

Bridging Scenes, One show at a time. Metal, Punk and Hardcore gig In one.

An idea of mine that has been plaguing me for about 2 years now( I always dreamed of setting up a show) has finally been put into action. I'm gonna collaborate with Hellmet Productions to deliver you guys a thrashing cool show! the wheels have already been put in motion and very soon we're gonna have a date and venue set in stone!

 The gig is gonna be around march twelve at Headstock Bar. I made a promise to myself to only try to put up shows when I have a cause I believe in,so this time its "Bridging the gaps between extreme music scenes and encouraging attendees and bands to communicate with each other regardless of musical tastes, or just fuck discrimination will do.".

 We all go/play in one small circuit anyway, why not get to know everybody and start rolling in with the good vibes!

I will also cook(or bring) free food for attendees and bands to eat like what our hindu/hare krishna brothers do at some of their shows.

I'm hoping that everyone can stop smoking fucking cancer sticks for the duration of the show though...

Bridging Scenes I (B.S.! hahaha.)

This is a split bill, I got to pick the metal bands and sir Koi picked the punk and hardcore ones + The Anti I fuckin fully agree with his picks all killerrrrrrr bands! tame the tikbalang!!!

This is the official bill, getting one whole bill of quality bands to be down to play on one date is hard as hell!!! still lacking 1 band as I haven't snail mailed Edward of Corrupt Insanity about it yet..

Side Punk

Side HxCx
Off The Chain
The Crimson Cartel
Tame The Tikbalang

Side Metal
Mass Hypnosia
Mass Defect
The Anti
Traces of War

If only I could get Rush IxDx and Execution of Terror on the show too eh? they kick major ass!!!!

 We agreed that 10-12 bands is the max so that the quality of the event and the bands time on stage won't be compromised. ika nga nila hehehe quality not quantity.

So back to what I was talking about! hahaha........

 if you believe in the cause or wanna see a rad diverse set of cool bands, drop by an' lets just relax spread good cheer all around and maybe do some circle pits! hahaha...

P.S. These series of events will never turn into a weekly business venture for me. My actions are driven by passion and my love for music,nothing else. I don't aspire to break even or gain profit for setting up a show but if everybody showed up and had fun, that would be payment enough for me. Thanks for reading this and I hope you have a good day ahead! Thrashcooooooreeeeeeeeeeespeedcrustmetalpunxxx.

last edited 2/5/11

oi oi oi!

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